Boutique coffee in the
heart of Surrey Hills.

At Gesha, we pride ourselves on our experience and in-depth knowledge of coffee. We can’t wait to share our love of coffee with you.

Coffees at GESHA

We’re about showcasing the best of Panama at GESHA, so we will always have the below on rotation.

  1. Panama Lycello Gesha
  2. Panama Juliette Gesha
  3. Panama Perci Gesha
  4. Panama Lotus Batch #80
  5. Panama Baru Gesha Black
  6. Panama Ninety Plus Founders Selection
  7. Panama Ninety Plus Gesha Flower
  8. Panama Ninety Plus Selection Serves

For our milk-based coffees,

We will be offering our SQAB Blend. A blend of beans from Colombia, Ethiopia and Indonesia. Expect an amazing aromatic cup of coffee with notes of caramel, milk chocolate and hints of Berry followed by a subtle citrus finish.



At GESHA it’s about coffee and we would love for you to experience and appreciate the many intricacies coffee has to offer.

Come join us and
let us take you
on a journey to Panama



If ever you have an office function and need catering for coffees, sandwiches and desserts, look no further! Gesha Coffee has all the expertise in food selection and coffee to back you up to ensure that you have a successful event.